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Vertiv becomes RISE partner, with engineering solutions such as heat reuse or alternative energy sources for data centers

RISE Research Institutes in Sweden is expanding its list of partners with the provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions Vertiv, which complements the list of founding partners of Facebook, Ericsson, Vattenfall, ABB, LTU and the Norrbotten region.

The research center for RISE data centers is located in Lulea, Sweden, and RISE is owned by the Swedish state and supported by EU funds. Collaborating with universities, industry and the public sector, RISE aims at industrial research and innovation.

Through its partnership with RISE, Vertiv will support Infrastructure and Cloud Research & Test Environment (ICE), a test data center that provides access to study results and experts, as well as RISE publications and demonstrations, and enables the involvement of RISE. in small-scale research and development studies.

A key value for collaboration partners is the large-scale test environment, with data center modules, wind tunnels, edge and liquid cooling test areas, and the ability to turn simulations and concepts into implemented demonstrations and tests for data collection and analysis.

Vertiv will provide RISE engineering solutions for the data center industry.

Vertiv also supports RISE heat recovery initiatives, which use heat from data centers for a variety of applications, such as flour worms and vertical farming, biomass drying or central heating systems, with a recent feasibility study to track temperature. water supply (SWT) of 90 – 95 ° C for district heating. Some of Vertiv and RISE’s other research projects include balancing traffic, assessing the complete life cycle of data centers and all their components, homomorphic encryption machine learning, autonomous digital infrastructure and capable self-correction systems, fuel cells, an end-user digital emission meter, new air conditioning methods and thermal management systems that support heat reuse and circular economy.

Vertiv and RISE are also members of the E2P2 Tech Consortium , which leads the development of low-carbon fuel cells to power data centers.