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Aisemnal.ro: The Bucharest metro network has a coverage of 99%, cumulated from all operators. See what coverage each one offers

In 2021, ANCOM carried out two monitoring campaigns regarding the coverage with a mobile voice signal: that of the Bucharest metro network and the national one that looked at the localities where significant improvements were made in terms of coverage with voice. The www.aisemnal.ro platform has been updated with the results of the two campaigns, the Regulatory Authority announced in a press release.

The measurements were performed directly on the subway, in both directions of each bus, using portable equipment. Since there is no GPS signal underground, the recorded values were averaged per second and distributed between stations.

The Bucharest metro network has a coverage of 99%, according to the results of the measurements, taking into account the cumulative coverage offered by all operators. In all stations there is a very good level of voice and data signal from all operators, and following the representation on the map of the approximately 9,600 points, a measured coverage of the tunnels related to the subway lines of 90% for RDS-RCS can be deduced. , 88% for Orange, 87% for Vodafone and 66% for Telekom Mobile, conclude ANCOM officials.

“Given that the subway is one of the main transport solutions for many Bucharest residents, in 2021, in addition to the monitoring campaign we carry out every year, we decided to measure the coverage with mobile voice signal and underground. Thus, we updated the aisemnal.ro platform with the results of the measurements, which indicate a cumulative coverage of the Bucharest metro network of 99% with mobile voice services. In 2021 we conducted measurements only in those localities where we were notified by operators that significant improvements were made in terms of coverage with voice services, by installing new sites or modernizing existing ones. Aisemnal.ro was also updated with these new specific data. For this year, we intend to expand the area of measurements and, in addition to conducting measurements at the national level that contain details of involuntary roaming, cumulative coverage and subway routes in Bucharest, to check the signal level on the railway infrastructure.states Cristin Popa, executive director of ANCOM .

The monitoring campaign took place between September and December 2021, only in the localities where the operators made significant improvements to the mobile voice service. Thus, 1,786 localities were measured, with over 10 inhabitants, the measurements being made along 25,156 km of roads.

From the 3,562,308 points related to the measurements from 2020 and represented on the aisemnal.ro map, those points associated with the squares (50x50m) in which measurements were made in 2021 and replaced with new measurements were eliminated, so the map from 2021 has a number of 3,581,833 points out of which 383,828 points corresponding to the 2021 measurements.

National coverage map with mobile voice services – www.aisemnal.ro is the computer platform with which users can find out exactly what the coverage is, but also the 2G, 3G and 4G signal level for each of the mobile operators active on the market in Romania.

Following the annual measurements, users can see the evolution of mobile voice coverage in 2019, 2020 and 2021, while also being able to consult the cumulative coverage with mobile communications services at national level.

The map also includes localities where users may enter unintentionally roaming, identifying and representing 298,674 points with a potential risk of inadvertent roaming from localities no more than 15 km from the country’s borders.