What are the global predictions of journalism, media and technology in 2022?

This is the main challenge of the annual “Trends and Forecasts” report published by the Reuters Institute and signed by Nic Newman , which is based on a survey of 246 executives in 52 countries.

Photo credit Reuters Institute

Here are some of the main ideas of the report:

📈 59% of News industry leaders say their revenue has grown over the past year, and 75% of managers surveyed say they are confident in their company’s prospects for 2022.

💰 Several publishers intend to continue with strategies to attract revenue from readers (B2C), 79% of those surveyed say that this will be a top priority, before advertising (B2B). However, 47% worry that subscriptions push journalism to a richer, more educated, more demanding audience that doesn’t like popular and light topics so easily.

🐦 57% of respondents believe that journalists should keep reporting the news on Twitter and Facebook and worry that expressing opinions could undermine public confidence.

🎧 Most respondents say they will focus on podcasts and digital audio (80%) as well as e-newsletters (70%). Only 8% will invest in new metavers applications, which is currently proving to be a (virtual) marketing illusion.