Up Romania has a virtual assistant – Victor

Up Romania has implemented a virtual assistant, Victor, available on all company platforms – upromania.ro, uponline.ro and in the Up Mobil application, which will be able to interact with the beneficiaries of Up Romania cards. The virtual assistant, Victor, was developed and implemented by Inform Lykos, a DRUID implementation partner, based on proprietary conversational technology, and can be accessed at any time.

The current beneficiaries of Up Romania will be able to find out from Victor the information about the balance in the account, how to block or activate their card, what is the validity of the amount on the card, where they can use the tickets, how to change their PIN or account phone number. For those interested, but who are not yet beneficiaries of Up Romania electronic products, the Victor chatbot will provide details about Up Romania services and products.

Based on artificial intelligence, the virtual assistant will be able to interact with the audience through open-ended questions. For specific needs, users will be able to start a conversation directly from the company’s platforms, being guided by the suggestions of topics made by Victor.