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What Romanians want: Telekom Romania answers the need for safer and simpler communication, within the family, with two new offers

Telekom Romania presents Kaspersky Safe Kids – a premium parental control application that positions parents and children as partners in safety. “This autumn we continue to offer what Romanians want, always taking into account their needs when developing new products and services. This time, we are meeting the wishes of families with children, where the safety of children online and offline is paramount. Basically, with the Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium application, children will safely surf the Internet, and parents will have the necessary information to effectively monitor the activity of children online as well as outside the internet”, said Andreas Elsner (photo), Chief Commercial Officer – Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.

According to the internal studies conducted by Telekom Romania in July 2019, among customers, most of them find useful a parental control application, the most important features of the service being the possibility to restrict the access of children to certain websites (85%), geolocation of the child (85%) and the possibility to see what websites he visited (79%).

Telekom Romania responds to these needs by introducing Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium application in its offers. Kaspersky Safe Kids helps both parents and children to explore the digital world safely, considering that 73% of the parents participating in the survey conducted by Telekom would be interested in using a parental control app to monitor the behaviour of the child both online and offline.

Thus, all existing and new Telekom mobile services customers, prepaid and postpaid, will benefit from three months free access to the Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium license, and will pay only 1 euro / month, VAT included (or 1 euro credit in the case of prepaid services), after the three free months.

More details on Kaspersky Safe Kids premium app from Andreas Elsner, here.

Functionalities of the Kaspersky Safe Kids premium service:

• Managing the websites on which the child can carry out age-appropriate activities;

• Geolocation of the child;

• Managing the time spent by the child on the Internet;

• Availability on multiple devices: computer, laptop, phone, tablet;

• Simplicity in using the application;

• Statistics for calls and SMS sent / received by the child;

• Real-time alerts and notifications when suspicious online activities or restricted actions are detected.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids premium app customer journey can be found by accessing the link.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium is available for both Android and iOS phones. The premium version of the mobile app includes all the seven features described above, while the free one only four (availability on multiple devices, simplicity, usage time, websites management).

The offer can be activated September 9 – November 17, 2019, by sending an SMS to the number 1333, with the text COPIL (CHILD).

At the same time, by the end of September, Telekom proposes the First Phone offer, which includes a Samsung Galaxy A10 at 5 euro / month rates, bought with Mobile 6 subscription and 3 months free of Kaspersky Safe Kids premium application. The offer brings the customers a glass screen protector as a gift.

Smart WiFi from Telekom – Internet everywhere!

This fall Telekom has decided to further improve the user experience by offering them the Internet everywhere, with the new Smart WiFi service.

What is Smart WiFi – is the service that covers the need for fixed Internet access wherever the customer is. It is easy to use and does not require installation (no holes in the walls and extra cables in the house), but only a source of electricity, and the customer has immediate access to the Unlimited 4G Internet with the help of the WiFi router.

Why Smart WiFi – Because This Is What The Romanians Want!

Following the test survey commissioned by Telekom Romania – conducted in July 2019, on a sample of over 1000 people, at national level – it was found that:
• 74% find the offer attractive or very attractive;
• 76% would probably or certainly buy it;
• For 89% it is important to have high speed Internet at home, without cables in the house and hole in the walls.

Benefits of the service:

• unlimited 4G Internet;

• Easy to install: insert SIM card, followed by the connection to the electricity source –
no holes in the walls and cables through the house;

• speeds up to 150 mbps;

• up to 32 WiFi connections, depending on the model of the purchased modem;

• all home devices can be connected to the WiFi, including smart TV, game consoles, etc.

In order to understand what Romanians want and to be able to answer their needs correctly, we have tested Smart WiFi among consumers, at national level. We learned, once again, that Romanians want fast access to Internet, unlimited, efficiency and simplicity. We respond to these requests with the new Smart WiFi fixed internet service – it installs easily, without any hassle in the house, does not require a team of technicians and offers unlimited Internet. At Telekom, we put the needs of our customers at the heart of our business. And we don’t stop here. We will continue the promise of #Netliberare in Romania ”, said Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer – Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.

The new Smart WiFi fixed internet service is available to all customers at only 24 lei / month, VAT included (5 euro / month). Customers can opt either to rent a wireless router with 100% discount, for the entire minimum contract period, or to purchase a wireless router at the list price of 699 lei, VAT included.

The offer is available from September 9 to November 17, 2019.

More details on Smart WiFi from Andreas Elsner, here.