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VIDEO All about 5G Monetization of Consumer & Business Models; 6 key trends of 5G in Romania by Ericsson

Riccardo Mascolo – Head of Strategy & 5G Industry Ericsson @ Imagine Live Conference in Bucharest, Romania – 17.11.2022

Key aspects of his presentation:

– Traffic mobile volume expected to increase by almost 5 times over 2021 to 2027 – 80% of this traffic is video, gaming, social

-Consumers are seeking a reason to buy 5G: 47% want to use treadmills in immersive XR environments, 74% say XR will let them try out products as if they were real, 73% of consumers foresee XR restaurants by 2030, 55% want to visit an XR Zoo where you can interact

– Connectivity for an immersive user experience: optimization across device, QoS for immersive experience, ensure capacity and increased uplink coverage for limitless connectivity

– 5G SA Network acceleration to enable offering
– Number of 5G SA Commercial devices is growing fast + 5X in the last 2 years
Total: 526 SA commercial devices in March 2022 vs. 321 devices in March 2021 and 90 devices in March 2020

– Monetization strategies to capture 5G value: bundle 5G QoE Subscription for Cloud Gamers, Premium 5G QoE Subscription for Cloud Providers, Network-as-a-Service for Cloud Gaming Providers

– Perception of 5G availability impacts 4G users’ adoption: 1/3 of 4G users think 5G is not or is rarely available
Likelihood of adopting 5G among 4G users with different perception of 5G availability:
8% – don’t know the availability of 5G
14% – 5G is not available or rarely available
20% – 5G is available 18-30% of the time
32% – 5G is available 30-70% of the time
45% – 5G is available 70-100% of the time 6 Key

– 6 Trends toward the next wave of 5G
1. Consumer 5G adoption to be inflation-resilient
2. 5G adoption is going beyond early adopters, who were driven by innovative cases
3. Perceived 5G availability is emerging as the new satisfaction benchmark
4. 5G drives demand for Augmented Reality and enhanced video
5. 5G Monetization models are expected to evolve
6. 5G adoption is setting the path to the metaverse

– 5G in Romania
– 3% of users in Romania still intend to upgrade to 5G in the next 12 months
– Motivate 5G early adopters and next wave’s adoption by providing more coverage, higher speeds and affordable 5G phones
– While Romania has 5G popular coverage of 36%, 35% of 5G users typically perceive being connected to 5G more than 50% of the time
– 5G early adopters in Romania engage more digital services than 4G with 57% using three and more than 3 digital services today
– 9 out of 10 of realy adopters consider the innovative 5G experience a driver
– Augmented Reality is in top also for the current 4G Romanian users

5G adoption goes beyond early adopters when 5G penetration reaches 15%. When 5G penetration reaches approx. 15%, the next wave of users emerges