Telekom Romania, in partnership with Adservio, has digitalized all the high-school and middle schools in Buzau city, through a Smart Education initiative

Telekom Romania announces the digitalization of all high-schools and middle schools in Buzau city. Together with its partner, Adservio, Telekom has implemented an integrated educational package, that includes license for the educational management platform Adservio and 1,500 tablets equipped with data SIM cards, for the teachers in all the 15 high-schools and colleges, 12 middle schools and a kindergarten in Buzau city. The digitalization of the educational institutions in Buzau city is part of a series of Smart Education initiatives, through which Telekom is facilitating the access of pupils and teachers in the educational institutions in Romania to modern, digital learning tools.

This project started in December 2017, when the Smart Education solution was implemented in 7 educational institutions in Buzau city. In 2019, the integrated educational package was implemented in 27 high-schools, colleges and schools and one kindergarten in this city.

”We started this project two years ago, in the three best high-schools and four middle schools and the results were excellent. By now we have managed to implement Adservio platform in all the 27 high-schools, colleges and schools and one kindergarten in Buzau city. I believe that this project has been a good opportunity to test the ability of the schools to use digital methods to teach, evaluate, test, communicate and report and to prove the benefits of digitalized education” said Constantin Toma, the Mayor of Buzau city.

“Digitalization is one of the priorities of Telekom Romania’s development strategy. Through Smart Education initiatives, we aim to provide access to as many educational institutions in Romania as possible, to a solution which can make the teaching-learning process more attractive. The fact that all the high-schools, colleges and middle schools, as well as a kindergarten in Buzau city benefit now from the integrated educational package is a step forward towards an intelligent future, for this city and a new accomplishment for us. From 2017, when we launched our partnership with Adservio, we have implemented the educational integrated package in almost 70% of the counties in Romania and we will continue to develop in this direction”, said Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

Through the educational package implemented by Telekom Romania and Adservio, the pupils, parents and teachers have permanent access to the subjects taught at school, homework, grades, absences and can communicate anytime on educational subjects. The users of the integrated package of Smart Education services benefited of trainings to efficiently use all the capabilities of the educational management platform Adservio.

”The implementation of Adservio in all the middle and high-schools in Buzau city is an important national premiership, both for us and for the Romanian educational system. Together with Telekom Romania we have equipped the schools with the educational management platform Adservio, tablets and internet for teachers. The platform provides access not only to a modern educational system and connects all the factors involved in the educational process- parents, teachers, pupils, principals, but it also generates automatically, the necessary reports and statistics for the whole city. For Adservio, this step is an acknowledgement of our 10 year work in education. We appreciate the openness to the digitalization of education that we found in Buzau”, said Alexandru Holicov, CEO and Founder, Adservio.

In 2019, Telekom Romania and Adservio have also digitalized 10 schools in Focsani (Vrancea county) and 6 schools in Campulung Moldovenesc (Suceava county), through the integrated educational package. In Focsani, Telekom equipped the educational institutions with 574 Samsung Galaxy TAB E tablets, with data SIM cards and in Campulung Moldovenesc, 150 users benefit from tablets and data SIM cards.

Telekom Romania and Adservio have so far implemented this package in 200 schools in 29 counties in Romania, among which Buzau, Cluj, Constanta and Alba, as well as in educational institutions in Bucharest. The platform has over 300,000 users at the moment.

Adservio platform, created in 2008, offers a multi-level usage, providing the parents with a tool for monitoring the educational performance of their children, the teacher with a simple and efficient management tool accompanied by an advanced teaching methodology and enabling children to have a more creative, more pleasant learning experience.