The new NOKIAN TIRES Outpost ™ AT tires offer 100% all-wheel drive, extreme durability and puncture resistance, with the highest technology in the world

Nokian Tires invites drivers to secure their missions with the new all-terrain tires, NOKIAN TIRES Outpost ™ AT. This is the new all-season tire for SUVs, crossovers and light trucks, offering a safe and durable driving experience on any road or off-road . With features that help drivers tackle the toughest surfaces, Outpost AT is designed for unlimited productivity and even entertainment. The world’s leading tire manufacturer offers the new all-terrain product to international drivers.

Photo credit Nokian Tuyres

The new Outpost AT tires offer versatile and durable driving in all conditions, both on-road and off-road. Thanks to its aggressive tread, SUVs, crossovers and light trucks can withstand off-road challenges, and Aramid Shield ™ technology – puncture-resistant aramid fibers integrated under the tread – provide extreme strength on rough surfaces and in areas dangerous. With the new tread design elements, drivers can push the boundaries and venture into any terrain. The adaptable rubber compound of the tire comes with the 3PMSF symbol (the three mountain peaks with a snowflake inside), and offers a comfortable and safe ride on any surface and in any weather conditions.

“Nokian Tires is renowned for its excellent expertise in tire technology and versatile testing, which keeps drivers safe even in extreme conditions,” said Olli Seppälä. Head of R&D, Nokian Tires. “Outpost AT is the latest example of this commitment and represents our highest-tech offering for SUV and light truck drivers. We’ve been designing and testing this tire for years, integrating new features for road and off-road durability and versatility. ”

With Outpost AT tires, drivers can expand their horizons, durability and travel thanks to solid features that allow them to venture anywhere. The tire range offers 45 products from 15 to 22 inches, with LT-metric and SUV versions.

Photo credit Nokian Tuyres

Extended horizons

Outpost AT tires help drivers push their limits and drive confidently, enhancing their on-road and off-road experience with optimum traction in all driving conditions.

NOKIAN TIRES Outpost AT features a special 3D tread pattern that helps the tire cope with difficult conditions. The unique tread pattern reflects the diversity of the terrain for which it is designed, improving grip and handling on any surface, from hot asphalt, soft mud and snow to gravel.

Summit Sidewalls – the tops of the sidewalls of the tire – provide extra grip when the tire sinks on soft surfaces and have an impressive design that reflects the demands of drivers. The notches on the shoulder of the tire strengthen the solid grip at the point where the sidewalls meet the tread pattern.

Canyon Cuts are cuts that form at the intersection of the 3D tread and shoulders, allowing drivers to experience extra grip when they encounter unpredictable surfaces, including snow and mud – Outpost AT including the symbol with three mountain peaks and snowflake. The new Outpost AT tires combine the versatility of an all-season tire with winter maneuverability.

“Drivers of rugged vehicles want to enjoy the adventure and return home safely, no matter what challenges they face,” adds Seppälä.. “Outpost ATs are designed for mud, snow, gravel and asphalt, and traction and grip help drivers push their limits and enjoy the ride.”

Increased durability

Outpost AT tires have technologies that protect drivers in the most difficult environments.

Aramid Shield ™ technology gives the tire extreme durability and puncture resistance. The tread and side walls are protected by extremely strong aramid fibers, a material also used for bulletproof vests and in the aerospace industry. The built-in aramid under the tread protects against cuts caused by rough terrain and road hazards, strengthening the side walls to prevent tire explosion caused by potholes and other obstacles.

The gravel guards on the tread pattern increase protection against puncture and strengthen the bottom of the deep grooves of the tire, providing protection on rocky ground and allowing the tire to pass easily over rough surfaces.

The robust structure of the Outpost AT tire supports a large load capacity, making it an ideal option for heavy on-road or off-road use.

“Outpost AT is one of the toughest tires we’ve ever made,” says Seppälä proudly. “It’s aggressive enough to deliver maximum durability thanks to Aramid Shield technology and refined enough to provide comfort along the way.”

Extensive travel

The Outpost AT tire offers high mileage due to its specific tread, which has protection features.

The tread pattern has a great depth , which exceeds that of the previous model Rotiiva AT by 1.5 mm and that of the LT-metric versions by 2.5 mm. The deep tread, 11.5 mm and 15 mm for the LT, extends the life of the Outpost AT tire and strengthens its ability to drive on difficult terrain.

Drivers can enjoy fuel efficiency thanks to the durable and sustainable rubber compound designed to minimize rolling resistance and keep emissions low. As a global leader in sustainability, Nokian Tires has over 90% of the products in the categories with the lowest rolling resistance.

The three-dimensional sipping helps the Outpost AT tire cope with snow, mud and stagnant water, prolonging the journey in harsh conditions. The stability supports and pronounced grooves give the tire a robust structure, for the peace of mind of drivers during long journeys on difficult surfaces.

As always, Nokian Tires helps drivers know the exact depth of the tread. The patented Driving Safety Indicator, available in the latest generation of every Nokian Tires product, clearly displays the percentage of available tread so that drivers know when it’s time to purchase their next set of tires. tires.

“The new Outpost AT tire is a smart choice that allows drivers to enjoy the benefits of tires for a long time. Sustainability means not only resistance to today’s challenges, but also confidence that the tire will meet tomorrow’s obstacles. “, concludes Seppälä.

NOKIAN TIRES Outpost AT: Beyond the limit

Extended horizons

Outpost AT helps drivers push their limits and travel anywhere with confidence.

  • Extra grip on soft surfaces due to the tops of the side walls (Summit Sidewalls) and the notches on the shoulder of the tire
  • Canyon Cuts adapted to adhere to unpredictable surfaces
  • The symbol with three mountain peaks and snowflake inside that certifies that the tire is designed for year-round use, even in winter conditions
  • Special 3D model of the tread, created for performance in all conditions

Increased durability

Outpost AT tires feature advanced technology to protect drivers in the toughest of environments.

  • Extreme durability and puncture resistance thanks to Aramid Shield technology
  • Increased comfort thanks to gravel guards, which help the tire to make its way confidently on rocky surfaces and through ditches
  • Robust structure that offers a high load capacity

Extensive travel

The Outpost AT tire offers high mileage due to its specific tread, which has protection features.

  • Model of the deep tread, with which it travels the terrain for thousands of kilometers
  • Fuel efficiency due to the durable and sustainable rubber compound with low rolling resistance
  • Three-dimensional sipping to withstand snow and stagnant water
  • Robust structure due to the stability supports and pronounced grooves
  • Nokian Tires’ patented Driving Safety Indicator indicates exact tread depth


Extreme durability. Aramid Shield: Perforation-resistant aramid fibers are embedded under the tread and on the sidewalls to provide extreme resistance to potholes, dangerous road areas, rough terrain and off-road obstacles.

Supreme traction. 3D model of the tread: The versatile tread pattern of the NOKIAN TIRES Outpost AT tire allows it to run on any surface, from mud to sand, snow and dry asphalt.

Additional grip. Summit Sidewalls: The tips on the sidewalls and the notches on the shoulder of the tire provide a solid side grip on soft surfaces and contribute to the aggressiveness of the tire.

Improved puncture protection. Gravel guards: Tightening the tread allows the tire to ride comfortably and confidently on rocky roads and through ditches.

Reliable grip. Canyon Cuts: At the intersection of the notches on the shoulders and the tread pattern, the X-shaped grooves help the tire adhere to unpredictable surfaces.

The symbol of the three mountain peaks and the snowflake inside: The tread compound for any weather conditions offers a safe driving solution, including in winter.

More security. Driving Safety Indicator: Drivers will always know the tread depth due to this patented feature on the tire tread.