The Competition Council is investigating Orange and RCD & RDS for abuse of a dominant position

The Competition Council ( CC ) has launched two investigations aimed at a possible abusive behavior of the companies Orange Romania SA and, respectively, RCS & RDS SA on the market of the service for issuing the technical approval of the location, CC officials announce. The competition authority indicates that, without any economic justification, each of the two companies imposed an excessive tariff, at least for some of its consumers, for issuing the necessary approval to authorize the construction.

In this context, the Competition Council carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of Orange and RCS & RDS, the documents being examined by the competition authority as part of the specific investigation procedure.

Unexpected inspections are a preliminary stage of the investigation, and their conduct does not constitute a foresight of the Competition Council regarding the existence of a violation of the Competition Law. Unexpected inspections are authorized by the Bucharest Court of Appeal and are justified by the need to obtain all relevant information and documents in order to clarify the possible anti-competitive practice analyzed.

In order to obtain a building permit, permits are required from network administrators / providers, called site permits. These approvals, listed in the town planning certificate, are necessary to ensure that the proposed construction does not in any way affect the networks owned by them.

CC officials recall that, in the spring of this year, the competition authority launched an investigation into a possible abuse of a dominant position of Telekom Romania Communications SA in the market for the issuance of the technical site approval.