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Porting record in 2021: over 1.1 million ported numbers

In 2021, a record number of portings were registered, since the launch, in 2008, of the portability service, ANCOM announces. This year, 1,105,771 phone numbers changed their operator, but not their user. Of these, 1,050,900 (95%) are mobile numbers and 54,871 are fixed numbers. The monthly average number of goals for 2021 was 92,148 goals. In February, March and December, most phone numbers were ported (over 100,000 porters each month).

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In 2021, 87% of the number of portings were made by individuals and 13% by legal entities, in the porting processes carried out this year involving 35 fixed and mobile telephony providers.

In total, since the introduction of the portability service in Romania in 2008, almost 8.4 million numbers have been transferred between networks. Of these, 7.4 million are mobile phone numbers (87%) and almost 1 million are fixed phone numbers.

Mobile phone

1,050,900 mobile numbers have switched to another provider in 2021. Most users opted for the RCS & RDS network – 561,953 numbers were ported to this network, while Orange received 152,939 numbers by port, Vodafone – 148,017, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications – 105,634, and Telekom Romania Communications 82,333 .

providerMobile numbers ported in 2021
RCS & RDS561.953
Telekom Romania Mobile Communications105.634
Telekom Romania Communications 82.333
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Of the 1,050,900 mobile phone numbers ported in 2021 , more than half, 54% (569,784), were numbers used on a subscription basis.

Fixed telephony

In 2021, 54,871 fixed telephone numbers were ported, representing 5% of the total numbers ported this year. Most of the ported fixed telephony numbers were divided between the main providers, as follows: RCS & RDS – 30,117, Vodafone – 6,926, Orange – 6,416, GTS Telecom – 5,487 and Voxbone – 2,481.

providerLandline numbers ported in 2021
RCS & RDS30.117
GTS Telecom5.487
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Of the 54,871 fixed numbers ported in 2021, 7,947 were location-independent numbers, toll-free numbers, and special rate numbers.

Over the past year, ANCOM has received 279 petitions on portability, with users reporting in particular the delayed performance of the porting process, the occurrence of technical problems in the porting process (such as the delay of messages entered by suppliers in the centralized database or routing issues), as well as issues related to port cancellation.

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