5G Victori extends smart city pilot project in Alba Iulia

The EU-backed 5G Victori project is continuing the initiatives of the smart city pilot project developed by Alba Iulia municipality in Romania 2018. Together with Orange Romania, Urban Hawk, Orange France and other partners in the consortium, Alba Iulia will test security in public transport as well as intelligent energy through data measurement and analysis, according to Telecompaper.

Starting in 2019, the municipality began implementing 5G infrastructure for the development of mobility and energy.

Safety and security in public transport (Vertical Transport and Media)
The transport use case is hosted by the municipality of Alba Iulia together with the Public Transport Company, Orange Romania, Orange France and Urban Hawk. It aims to increase the safety and comfort of citizens and is divided into two components: infotainment services and critical public safety service. These services will be provided in vehicles, on the go, or at stations.

For the population security service, a vehicle will be equipped with surveillance cameras connected to a Command and Control Center of the municipality. The network will be used to identify threats to public safety, such as theft, lost property that may pose a potential hazard, or medical emergencies as well as instantly allocate the necessary resources in the communication infrastructure to maximise an intervention’s efficiency. Starting in 2021, the applications created together with Urban Hawks and the local start-up SecurifAI will be functional.

Intelligent energy: data measurement and analysis
Demonstrating the energy use-case will consist in providing energy measurement services for three public buildings: one high school and two municipal buildings. In addition to capitalising on the 5G-EVE infrastructure, at least three areas will be equipped with 5G base stations, which will serve approximately 50 relevant points.

The equipment is ready to be installed starting in November.