Vodafone Romania smartphone users can benefit from the new consumer subscriptions portfolio that allows them to choose their favourite applications with which the smartphone does not consume data from the subscription allowance. In addition to the existing choices, which included the most popular social media, video streaming and music apps, new and existing customers have a new option available, that provides access to the most popular maps and navigation applications without consuming the data from subscriptions. This new option will be available as of December 5th. “With the new portfolio, our customers have even more freedom to enjoy their favourite content without consuming data from subscriptions, as they have an enriched list of choices, which now includes the most popular maps and navigation apps. Moreover, the Christmas campaign marks a step in our plans to expand into home, by approaching not only the individual, but also his family with innovative offers, which go beyond simply providing discounts and gigabytes”, stated Andrea Rossini, Consumer Business Unit Director Vodafone Romania.
In the previous portfolios, specific apps were assigned to specific price plans. As a novelty, customers can now choose the type of apps they want to use without consuming data from the allowance, for all price plans starting from 9 euros.
Besides this, the new Vodafone Romania postpaid portfolio includes bundled subscriptions designed especially for families. Customers can now choose from a wider range of packages including either two or three customized subscriptions providing improved value in terms of data bonuses and phones. For example, a 14 euro family package for two consists of one subscription with 5GB and access to two of the four categories of favourite apps that do not consume the data traffic included and a subscription with a 3GB allowance. This package also includes, as a benefit for both family members, unlimited minutes for calls in any network. For a family package of 30 euros, Vodafone Romania customers benefit from three subscriptions included, as well as a flexible installment system for purchasing a smartphone.
More details about the updated subscription portfolio are available at www.vodafone.ro/abonamente, in the dedicated section.
The new offer for Vodafone Romania subscribers is promoted through a campaign run on TV, radio, online and outdoor, built around the message "Your smartphone is smarter in Supernet 4.5G". 
The company launches on this occasion a new integrated creative platform that emphasizes the way technology brings parents and children closer. The protagonists of the new ad series are actors Vlad Ivanov, in the role of the father, and Maria Popistasu, playing the mother. The two children who complete the family picture are Stefan Iancu and Ana Maria Vinau, actors at the start of their career but already known for starring in successful Romanian productions.