TotalSoft announces the appointment of Adina Gurgu (photo) as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who will be starting August responsible with spearheading the company's technological development and managing its software development teams. Adina Gurgu has been with TotalSoft for nearly 20 years and has successfully delivered complex business solutions for important local and international customers such as Rompetrol Group, Regina Maria Private Health Network, Deutsche Leasing and Raiffeisen Leasing. She was also part of the development team of Charisma Business Suite, having strong expertise in software development, as well as in project delivery. Adina's objectives include identifying and aligning the company to global technological trends, as well as maintaining a strong Charisma product development team.
“TotalSoft has entered a new phase in its evolution with the aim to become a truly global player, while maintaining leadership on the local market. To this end, we are empowering people within the team who have the talent and passion to move the company forward. In the years spent on the TotalSoft team, Adina Gurgu has grown steadily as a professional and played an important role in the the development of Charisma software, which is now being implemented worldwide. We are proud to have such valuable professionals within the organization, and I am confident that with Adina in lead of the technical team, TotalSoft will continue to deliver top quality solutions to its customers, while maintaining the highest standards in services”, stated Önder Eren, CEO TotalSoft.
Adina Gurgu is a graduate of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, within the Politehnic University in Bucharest, and has a Professional Certificate in Management, from Open University in the UK.
TotalSoft is ERP market leader and one of the few end-to-end service providers in Romania, as well as one of the top 10 global providers of software solutions for the leasing industry. TotalSoft’s top products – Charisma ERP and Charisma HCM – are market leader products in Romania, with relevant references in nine industries: financial services, retail, distribution, production, construction, agriculture, energy, medical, and services. 
TotalSoft was acquired in autumn last year by Logo Yazılım A.Ş, the largest independent software provider in Turkey, as part of its strategy to further expand into international markets. 
About TotalSoft
TotalSoft is one of the most important providers of business software systems (ERP, HCM, CRM, DM and BI) regionally and among the top global players in financial & leasing solutions. Currently, TotalSoft has a team of 440 software specialists and projects in 46 countries on 4 continents.
TotalSoft is part of Logo Business Investment S.A. (Logo), the largest independent software provider in Turkey. With over 30 years experience, Logo is one of the fastest growing software companies, delivering innovative solutions and services through more than 800 partners. The company is present on 45 international markets serving over 85,000 customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Logo is the first publicly traded IT company in Turkey, with a market cap exceeding $ 400 million.