Telenet has confirmed it's interest in expanding further in the south of Belgium. CEO John Porter told newspaper L'Echo the company has met with Voo's owner Nethys "recently" and sees the Wallonia cable operator valued at EUR 1.0-1.3 billion, according Telecompaper. Porter met with the paper to confirm Telenet's interest following Orange's recent announcement that it would like to acquire Voo. Porter said the company respects Nethys' statement that Voo is not for sale but the company is still interested in helping invest in upgrading the infrastructure in the south of the country. He said Telenet could make available quickly EUR 300 million in capital for the company and make "Walloon priorities our priorities", such as employment or innovation. 
Telenet's valuation does not include Brussels operator Brutele, which also uses the brand name Voo and is thought to be worth around EUR 300 million. Porter said the company is interested in discussing with Nethys the future of Voo and could also consider operating models like it has with Interkabel in Flanders, where it rents the network to operate.