Orange Romania is promoting 4G/LTE network by launching an interactive AR mobile app called 4G MegaHunt which offers bonuses and vouchers, according Telecompaper. With the app, end-users from Romanians localities will be able to explore the map of their surroundings and hunt for interactive prizes. The campaign takes place between 7 and 31 August. The app's map includes virtual locations where end-users can redeem prizes like a 500 MB or 1 GB mobile internet traffic or one of the 5,000 vouchers valued at EUR 10 each (VAT included).
End-users can double the bonuses won through the app from their Orange account or the app version for desktops. The 4G MegaHunt mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android and can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play.
Bonuses have a one-month availability and can be used by both prepaid and postpaid. The vouchers can be used to get discounts when purchasing phones together with two-year subscriptions or when acquiring accessories.
At present, Orange Romania's 4G/LTE network covers almost 8,000 localities.
The operator announced at the end of May that its LTE network reached 100 percent urban coverage.
In July, the company said its mobile network was found the best in the country by an audit performed by Systemics when it comes to the accessibility and availability of voice services and the speed of mobile data users enjoy.