Connected consumers in Asia Pacific are 33 percent more likely to make an online purchase on their mobile devices than via a desktop or laptop, according to a report from Kantar TNS. The report further shows that 77 percent of people in APAC with access to the internet made their most recent online purchase on mobile, compared to the global average of 61 percent, and 48 percent in Latin America and 24 percent in Europe, according Telecompaper. Report authors believe that the rise in m-commerce can be attributed to emerging, mobile-first markets in the region, where 83 percent of people with an internet connection say that they made their last purchase  online using their mobile, compared to 34 percent of consumers in developed APAC. 
The study further found that Indonesians are the most likely to shop online using their mobile, with 93 percent saying their most recent purchase was via mobile, whereas only 5 percent used a desktop. Australians are least likely to buy online using mobile, only 22 percent making their last purchase using their smartphone. 
Connected consumers in India are increasingly using mobile based payments, according to another report from Kantar TNS. Post demonetization and with a greater push by the government for adoption of digital payments, mobile payments saw a sharp increase, with 1 in 3 (35%) connected consumers in India using it. The popularity of mobile payments in India is also revealed by the number of regular users, with 23 percent saying they use mobile payments at least once a week. 
The results of the study showed that India (35%) is ahead of other APAC countries such as Indonesia (9%) and Philippines (7%) but is far behind China (94%) and Singapore (65%) where mobile payments have become a more regular habit. 
Nearly 33 percent of Indian users connected to the internet say they would prefer paying for everything using mobile phone in the coming months, compared to 14 percent in Vietnam, 18 percent in Indonesia, and 19 percent in the Philippines.