The Conotoxia AI app gives users quick and convenient access to information on current exchange rates. The app supports the conversion of the 24 currencies available at Conotoxia.com and presents real time exchange rates, according cinkciarz.pl. The currency voice assistant is designated to the services available from the Conotoxia Holding Group: currency exchange, money transfers, payments and cryptocurrency listings. Users can ask the app about the current exchange rates available at Conotoxia.com and much more.
“We have prepared a universal app that is capable of answering almost any question. As always, financial services are at the forefront of our focus," says Tomasz Wartalski, Head of Mobile Products at Cinkciarz.pl from the Conotoxia Holding Group.
Users can ask the app questions about the currency market or write them down. The assistant responds instantly. The app is available on devices that support Google Assistant, e.g. Android, iOS, Google Home, Chromebook.
This is the first app from Cinkciarz.pl, the founding entity of the Conotoxia Group, based on artificial intelligence.
Conotoxia AI is available in English to users in 212 countries. It accommodates several hundred commands. The Polish version of the intelligent app will be available soon.