Twenty-six youth were selected for the Telenor Youth Forum in 2016. They have been tackling global, social challenges for the past 10 months, and this work is now encapsulated in the "We Start Change" digital exhibition, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, according telenor.com. "We Start Change" examines the global challenges of: climate change, gender equality, education for young refugees, mental health and unemployment. All challenges stem from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Telenor actively supports through its own sustainability work. (foto -Green Cred team)

"The Telenor Youth Forum was born out of the idea that youth can be positively mobilized to effect change in the world by using digital solutions. We cooperate with Telenor on this initiative because we share a vision of a better and more peaceful future. The tools and connectivity we have available to us today make it possible for everyone to contribute. That's what our digital exhibition with these 26 young and inspiring leaders is all about. We can all start change," said Liv Tørres, Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center.


Jump into the "We Start Change" exhibition now: http://www.tyfexhibition.com


The Telenor Youth Forum measured the teams on the progress of their digital solutions, as well as their exhibition work, throughout the one-year program.

"The Telenor Youth Forum teams were exceptional over this past year, dedicated to solving a world problem through their own innovative thinking and understanding of the power of digital technology. It's truly inspiring to see what they have all achieved," said Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group.

The Telenor Youth Forum 2016-2017 winning team is: Green Cred

This team received the challenges of "climate change" in December 2016, and has been working ever since to develop a new take on sustainable shopping. Their solution is an ecosystem in which users are rewarded for shopping more sustainably and incentivized to be 'green' through a shared shopping model.

The Green Cred team consists of Hanne Borris Mathiesen (Denmark), Paridhi Rustogi (India), Sajawal Waseem (Pakistan) and Anja Drobnjak (Montenegro), as well as their mentor Bjørn Taale Sandberg, Head of Telenor Research. Members of this team will return to Oslo in December to inspire the next round of TYF delegates.


About the Telenor Youth Forum

The Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that is built upon the idea of "digitalization for peace". It provides young leaders from Telenor Group's 13 markets in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia to come together and tackle global, social challenges. With physical gatherings in Oslo and in Bangkok, the Telenor Youth Forum is a year-long program with concrete deliverables such this "We Start Change" exhibition which is a platform that helps to mobilize everyone to contribute and start change. The Forum is driven in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center (NPC). Read more at http://www.telenor.com/youthforum.